Monday, 21 July 2014

Description of the duck

Male Description

Altogether smooth dark, aside from white fix on temple and bigger white triangle on scruff. Bill expansive and swollen at base of upper bill. Bill designed with white, red, yellow, and a dark fix close base, showing up primarily orange at a separation. Eyes pale blue-ash or yellowish white. Feet rosy orange with dim networks.

Female Description

Plain dull blackish. Crown darker than rest of head and neck. Two crudely characterized light territories on side of head: one close to the bill, and the other behind the eye close to the top. Little pale scruff patch could conceivably be available. Bill just somewhat swollen, green-dark with undefined dark patch encompassed by light black at base of upper bill. Eyes pale tan, may be pale ash or yellow. Feet yellow to earthy red, with dull dark networks.

Juvenile Description

Like grown-up female however with white stomach and more different face patches. Eyes dim tan

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